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Cork is one of the materials we have chosen for our shoes. It is a Mediterranean material of very ancient origins which is natural, environmentally friendly and resistant.

No deforestation takes place and no damages are caused to the tree for decortication. The bark is stripped only when the cork is more easily removable, from May to late August, and it regenerates over time, after 10/12 years on average the tree is ready for a new extraction.

Cork oak forest are going through a delicate period of their existence: because of low demand from the market, overtaken by cheaper artificial and easily manufacturable materials and because of fungal attacks, insect infestations etc., they may become extinct in a few decades.

Using cork is important, not only for its naturalness but also because, otherwise, cork oak forests would be left to their own devices. By increasing demand for cork, we increase attention and care of man towards these wonderful oaks which provide a wide range of environmental services and sustain an already delicate ecosystem.
They absorb CO2, they are a natural shelter for animals and plants and represent a solid barrier against desertification.

Thanks to cork we can guarantee environmental sustainability, elegance and high quality.