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Upper and lining

The microfibre used for our shoes comes only from certified Italian firms that employ exclusively high quality raw materials for the creation of their products.
Safety at work and environmental protection are on a par with the quality of their products.
The microfibre we have chosen is resistant, light and breathable.
Cork, cotton, linen, nettle, hemp and soy are the vegetable fibres employed in the production of our shoes: all these fibres are resistant, breathable, soft and 100% biodegradable.


Inner sole and footbed

The inner soles of the shoes are made of recycled cardboard and pure cotton cellulose.
The footbeds inside our shoes are made of polyurethane, a non-toxic polymer that, thanks to its high quality, is today employed in many fields: construction, household appliances, footwear, clothing, mattresses, etc… they also have a special certified breathability system.




The soles we use are made of high quality, long lasting, recyclable and non-toxic materials.



Shoe Laces

The shoe laces we use are made of 100% cotton or jute.
In our opinion no detail should be overlooked!

What is essential is invisible to the eye” (Taken from “The Little Prince”).




Our shoes exceed the highest test of endurance!
… In the picture, our qualified staff at work.